Milled Pavement Records


Milled Pavement relaunch!

It’s been quite the year for us at here at Milled Pavement. Despite successfully releasing new projects from 32french and Nomar Slevik, a great many of you have noticed that our website has been down, and digital versions of our music have been conspicuously absent from all major digital stores and streaming outlets.

With the behind-the scenes muscle of Fake Four Inc./Four Finger Distro’s DJ Halo, the blessing of our homie Ceschi Ramos, and the tireless hours glaring at a screen from Moshe, we have migrated over 50 releases from our catalog to Redeye Distribution. The long and short of it is that now you, our supporters, will be able to access our music in many new places than were possible before- in addition to raised visibility in retail and radio spheres for certain releases going forward.

We really cannot understate the herculean and meticulous efforts of Moshe and Halo on this long process, but now at last it’s time to re-introduce our decade-plus catalog of alt-hiphop and skewed electronica to the world.

Our Digital releases are everywhere, our CDs and Physical Merch will of course continue to be available at and select record stores while stock lasts.

Stop by and take a look around, our crates are deep and contain more than a few gems worth re-discovering if you did not catch them the 1st time.

Thanks so much, we could not do this without your support.

– The MP Crew