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Portland, Maine, an old city by American standards, is streaked with streets of cobblestone and brick, each cut and laid by hand in a precise and indestructable grid, even now peeking through the weak tar hastily overpaved in the name of progress, the past literally breaking through the present. There couldn’t be a more apt metaphor for Portland’s own Milled Pavement record label. Started in 2004 as a venue to release and promote his own music (the debut being L’Chaim [MP001]), label owner Moshe’s Milled Pavement imprint inevitably gained local and regional notice, not only as an anomaly in an indie hip hop world then-predominated by more cliched, urban stereotypes, but also for the judiciously minimal sound and underlying tenebrous thematic elements it unearthed from such a sparsely-populated, sleepy little corner of New England. The idea of such a specific sound and voluminous talent coming from Maine, of all places, seemed ludicrous to outsiders not privy to the heavily insular music scene there, and more curious attention rapidly followed.

As word spread, so did guest spots between intra- and extra-label artists, compilations (such as the Goose Bumps series [MP011, MP18, MP024, MP033]), shows, and requests for mixes/remixes. With this heightened awareness of the label’s presence came cultural import in influential circles, culminating for its hard-working artists in worldwide distribution and promotion deals, as well as high-profile reviews and countless awards and accolades from various regional/specialty publications, organizations and online media.

This led to opportunities for label artists to tour, as well as cross-pollinate among the myriad brother and sister labels also promoting real-ass art through true grit, setting the stage for Milled Pavement to develop from local to global, with artists eventually spanning the US, Canada, the UK, continental and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and Japan.

By melding his disposition towards the “wicked dahk” with an unwavering work ethic and unparalleled networking savvy, Moshe has cultivated and curated an ever-broadening roster under the Milled Pavement banner brick by brick, showcasing new musical forms further and further from the label’s hip hop and New England roots, but ever more honed towards a palpable aesthetic of postmodern electro-organic angst and anomie.

Through encouraging and developing artists worldwide who hear that unsettling creak of the past in the floorboards of the dystopian future, those who dig the dirt of work and grease of inspiration, Milled Pavement offers innovation on a post-global scale, and presents a monolith of music future rupturing the pop-culture tundra.

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The Downbeat Renaissance is a media label releasing music that looks forward, but leans back. We are music fans that have been powerfully transformed by our experiences as enthusiasts and collectors, as well as artists. The Downbeat Renaissance is run by Todd the Rocket and Ricardo Potes, and is part of the Milled Pavement Label Family.

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EmBen Digital is a digital-only label focusing on one-offs, singles and EP’s, and is part of the Milled Pavement Label Family.

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