Milled Pavement Records


Originally born in Newport R.I., Julian Heughan aka 32french knew at a very young age that he would somehow be involved with music. Having grown up in Rye N.H. in a household where his mother was an church organist, his father was an accordianist, and his sisters a flutist and clarinetist, he was constantly bombarded with sound. At the tender young age of 4 he heard is first Hip Hop track and was hooked, so much so that he ruined his parents turntable trying to learn how to scratch. At 14, he began making radio shows in his room using a dual cassette tape deck and a cd player, he would spend many sleepless nights recording local hip-hop shows on WUNH and listening to techno, ambient, and house on WERS on weekends. Even then, 32french had a penchant for the unusual, and the unique.

He began mixing under the name Anonymous and purchased turntables mixing anything he could get his hands on, he would often be found at local Portland clubs like Zootz watching local area greats like Laree Love, Moshe, and Nicotine seeing what they did and then going home and applying these techniques to his own style. It wasn’t long before people started taking notice of his skills. His 14 year djing career under the name 32french has quietly taken him all over the New England area playing such venues as Rise, Dover Soul, Una, and The Big Easy. In 2013 he was a part of the post-pop group Hi-Tiger which played everywhere from Maine to NYC. He has played alongside such internationally renowned artists as: Sole, Jel, Ira Lee, F. Virtue, Thorts, Kaydelle, Andy Happel, Moshe, Brzowski, and Mike Clouds. Playing everything from hip hop, house, downtempo and more recently future beat, wonky, trap, and dubstep. His musical selection is both extensive and intelligent.

Production was the obvious next phase in his evolution. Being a self-proclaimed nerd he is heavily influenced by retro video games, old cartoons, wrestling, kung fu, and hip hop. Using Ableton he creates sounds that rely on the blips and bleeps of old Atari, Commodore 64, and Nintendo games, while still giving a beat filled experience. In 2010 he officially joined international label Milled Pavement, and in 2011 he released his first EP entitled “The Final Level”, which was a 4 track EP that immersed the listener in world dominated by pixels, and sprites. In 2014, he released the “Black Puddin” Ep with label head Moshe, which was a 6 track EP that took the listener on an strange and uncomfortable journey into the mind of both producers. In late winter he will be releasing his first full length album entitled “The Beautiful Sound of Chaos”, which will show a different side of 32french. The 12 track album will feature Leo Albatross of Serum DeFacto, Derek Jackson, K-the-I???, Mikal kHill, Sulfur, cecilnick, and Free Steak Dinner.