Milled Pavement Records

Mike Clouds

Mike Clouds, born Nathaniel Deloach, in Portland, Maine in 1977 was destined to be musically inclined. Growing up on Portland’s Munjoy Hill surrounded by a large, loud, and boisterous family he learned early on how singing, dancing or just being entertaining went a long way to solidifying his place in the family. As he reached his early formative years, he learned about the passion his cousin Dan, AKA DJ Danski, had for Hip Hop culture and it’s many ways of expression. When he realized how pure and enlightening it was to be involved in the creation of the culture, Mike Clouds was hooked.

Entering his early 20’s with a steadily growing understanding of life’s many ups and downs, Mike Clouds turned his creativity to writing rhymes and performing at the various open mic Hip Hop sessions the local Portland clubs offered. One such club, the Stone Coast brewing Company was the veritable breeding ground of the local Hip Hop scene, with it’s weekly open mic’s hosted by among others, Milled Pavements founder, DJ Moshe. It was here at the weekly open mic’s that he met up with Aaron Libby AKA A-frame, and quickly embarked on collaborating future ideas and sounds that would embody three albums produced by Golden Touch and Milled Pavement Records. During this productively ambitious time, Mike Clouds turned his attention to the details of making a collage of sounds and samples fit together to become a mood driven, thought inducing body of work. His follow up albums to the A-Frame voiced lyrical diatribes were maturing into deep and sometimes sinister audio collages. With the help of DJ Moshe and the Milled Pavement Records stable of MC’s, Mike Clouds went on to produce four of his solo albums and help produce another eight more between the years of 2006-2009.