Milled Pavement Records


BRZOWSKI \ Enmityville

1. Masking Fluid and Painter’s Tape- Produced by 80HRTZ
2. Contemporary Cynic (Don’t Care)- Produced by 80HRTZ
3. Demonic Exercises- Produced by Chryso
4. Leave it All Behind- Produced by 80HRTZ
5. Pit Mine- Produced by BRZOWSKI
6. Fall Zone Pink- Produced by 80HRTZ
7. Surplus Humanity- Produced by 80HRTZ
8. Microplastics- Produced by C Money Burns
9. So I Walk- Produced by 80HRTZ
10. Ordinary Monsters (feat. Renee Coolbrith)- Produced by C Money Burns
11. Lachrymimosa- Produced by C Money Burns
12. A World Where There is Only One of Everything- Produced by BRZOWSKI

ENMITYVILLE is the first solo outing from trailblazing Portland, Maine lyricist BRZOWSKI in five years. Inspired by the apocalyptic tones whispered by the modern creative class, ENMITYVILLE is a hyper-literate critique of our dystopian epoch in the guise of a hiphop album. A tirelessly touring and collaborating artist, BRZOWSKI scripted the majority of the lyrics and concepts for this album in a moving vehicle, reflecting on the concept of “home”, and the personal ghosts and political realities that await analysis upon his return. Our narrator unpacks difficult topics ranging from social isolation, to unrealistic standards of beauty, overpopulation, gentrification, wage-slavery, and the self-portraiture of a DIY artist in his trademark dark and verbose style. “I set out to approach some very contemporary topics in a much more direct and less hermetic fashion than in any of my previous output. I slowed down the clip of the vocal delivery, and was particular with choosing productions that would match the mood and intent of the lyrics. These aren’t typical hip-hop compositions. C Money Burns and I added drums, cello, samples, and stringed instruments to nudge and mold every track.” BRZOWSKI relays.

For an indie stalwart with many noteworthy credits under his belt, BRZOWSKI has not rested on laurels or slowed his pace of collaborative records in the space between solo offerings. The band-oriented albums fronting Vinyl Cape, DFAZ (France), and the noise-infused Wichitah EP with DJ Halo have all served to inform and plot the trajectory of this latest offering. “This album is the cumulative distillation of all my previous work, but simultaneously functions as a contemporary snapshot. This is precisely what my brain grapples with on a daily basis.” The lush production provided by C Money Burns, 80Hrtz, Chryso and BRZOWSKI himself, deploys samples evenly with live instruments, woven in layers thickly appropriate to the nature of the lyrical approach. “I put my hands in every last detail of this album, and I’m upremely satisfied with the results. This is my classical art-training coming through, but if I were to get struck by lightning tomorrow, this record will age well without my voice being present to defend it.” ENMITYVILLE will be released on CD and Digital by long-running indie hiphop purveyors Milled Pavement Records. After 5 years to foment, ENMITYVILLE is a foreboding bridge between the intensely private and the outwardly politicized.