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32FRENCH \ The Beautiful Sound of Chaos (CD)


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Milled Pavement is proud to present the first solo album from 32french entitled The Beautiful Sound of Chaos. This album is about 5 years in the making, and is has been a labor of love for the producer. Featuring 12 tracks, 32french has combined his love of nerd culture with his love of weird experimental hip hop/beats. Such tracks as SYBIANSTAINS, Beasts of Uroboros (feat. Leo Albatross), Fugitive(feat. K-theI???), and The End of Flair show how 32french uses video games and wrestling to create twisted soundscapes, while tracks like Munchausen and TwinkleToes shows 32french’s more musical side using melodic tones. The album also has tracks from Derek Jackson, Mikal kHill, Sulfur, cecilnick, and Free Steak Dinner. 32french is very proud of this project and hopes you enjoy this as much he did making it.

Produced by: 32french

1. The Beginning (feat. Derek Jackson)
3. Earwigs (feat. Free Steak Dinner)
4. The Camel Clutch
5. Beasts of Uroboros (feat. Leo Albatross of Serum De Facto)
6. AshyLegs
7. Munchausen
8. Fugitive (feat. K-the-I???)
9. Twinkle Toes
10. HyperionBeams
11. EVERYTHINGISFINE (feat. Mikal kHill, Sulfur, Cecilnick)
12. The End Of Flair